Discussing lead optimization with Meta: How to bring in higher quality leads with your lead generation campaigns

Running lead generation campaigns is essential to the success of every advertising activity. With the help of Meta and LeadsBridge you can optimize your FB Lead Ads campaigns for quality.

Join us now for a special webinar in partnership with Meta.

We will discuss with Meta everything there is to know about Facebook Lead Ads and how you can optimize your lead generation campaigns to get higher-quality leads and increase conversions.

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Meet your hosts...

Marialuisa Aldeghi

Senior Content Writer @ ActiveProspect

Jessica Herauf

Strategic Partnerships Manager @ ActiveProspect

Marissa Rubin

Business Marketing Manager, Performance @ Meta

Join this webinar to:

Learn everything you need to know about Facebook Lead Ads and how it can help you easily find and connect with new potential customers.

Learn what Conversions Lead optimization is and how it can help you reach higher-quality leads.

Get useful insights into how Facebook Lead Ads & LeadsBridge have helped a big industry such as Amplifon optimize their lead generation strategy.

Learn how to connect Facebook Lead Ads to your CRM and the rest of your marketing stack automatically & in real time for immediate outreach with LeadsBridge.

And much, much more. Make sure you don't miss it!