Understand the Impact of a Cookie-less Advertising World

With the new data privacy laws and regulations, marketers might feel like they’re being backed into a corner.

Join this webinar with Facebook and learn about the very real impact that this change could make on the marketing world as we know it.

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Meet your hosts...

Emily Wilson

Product Manager @ Facebook

Zachary McDaniel

Content Marketing Strategist @ LeadsBridge

Leo De Stefanis

VP of Sales @ LeadsBridge

Join this training and learn:

How to stay on top of your marketing game by getting inside information about the future of tracking cookies straight from Facebook

How to keep your marketing campaigns running like clockwork in a cookie-less advertising world

How to nail advertising campaigns even after the new iOS 14 update and data privacy regulations

What tools you need to continue being efficient in the marketing world, even with the new data privacy regulations and laws

And much, much more.
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