How to convert high-intent searches directly with Google Ads

Want to understand how to convert high-intent search leads through Google Ads? Then Google Lead Form Extensions are for you.

Join this webinar with our special guest from Google to learn more about how to convert high-intent search leads directly on Google Ads, and how to make automation your new best friend.

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Meet your hosts...

Katerina Daveynis

Product Manager @ Google

Zachary McDaniel

Content Marketing Strategist @ LeadsBridge

Leo De Stefanis

VP of Sales @ LeadsBridge

Join this training and learn:

The benefits that you can take advantage of in order to send your lead collection strategies sailing

How to stay on top of your marketing game by getting inside information about Google Lead Forms

How to seamlessly sync Google Lead Form Ads to your CRM for ultimate automation

How you can automate and synchronize your marketing stack and avoid the headache of manual CSVs

And much, much more.
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